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A very oppressive room!

I've had a couple of "paranormal" experiences in my life ranging from weird dreams to the genuine feeling that someone is with me even when I'm on my own, but the weirdest (and scariest) experience I have ever had was a few years ago in a German hotel room.

We were touring the south of the country and stopped at a rather new hotel not far from Munich. My parents were in one room, and I in another. As soon as I set foot in the hotel I felt quite uncomfortable, and I felt that the room itself had a very oppressive feel, even though it was just a regular hotel room with beds, a bathroom, a tv, etc. In my parent's room I felt quite OK, and so I convinced myself I was tired or something like that.

At night time when it was time to go to bed, I watched a bit of TV and read for a while, and then turned out the light to go to sleep. I still felt that the room was very heavy and I couldn't get to sleep AT ALL. Suddenly I felt really uncomfortable, and so I turned on the light. I had a very strong feeling that the room was full of people, of all ages, and especially just near the window. There was one guy who was particularly present. The room seemed to get smaller and as weird as it may sound, I felt I could see these people, even though they weren't actually THERE!! I felt really scared of the whole thing, and I really wanted to get up, open the window, and reassure myself it was all just imagined. But I couldn't move. I wanted to turn left or right, get out of bed, but I couldn't. It was almost like my whole bed was surrounded, like I was being examined by these people. Then suddenly the feeling dissipated, as strangely as it had begun. I slept with the light on for the rest of the night, and couldn't wait to leave the hotel in the morning.

That was 10 years ago, and the whole experience is still as clear as day.

Screaming winds and a Hanging Man

I've been wondering whether to post this somewhere or not but it was so strange that I did want to share it.  In the end I judged that it might quite fit on my own community about the paranormal.

A few nights ago I had this really strange dream... in fact I suppose one could class it as a nightmare, although it wasn't really frightening until I woke up and started thinking about it.  Anyway I was visiting someone in a house which was set out like a country cottage.  I have no idea who the person was.  She told me that strange things happened there sometimes, almost like the place was haunted.  She was about to tell me what the things were, when suddenly it got very windy.  We ended up sat - or rather huddled - together on an armchair whilst the wind got stronger and stronger and started to howl.  Then the wind itself started to scream, but it was a really high pitched shrieking type of scream.  The room where I was in the dream went very dark, and even with my ears covered I could hear the screaming.  There was also a kind of blue light, which seemed to follow the path of the wind - in other words, one could see the wind because of the light.  Then, it just stopped.

The person who was with me looked quite bothered about it all, but also like she was used to it.  I then inquired as to whether or not that kind of thing happens a lot.  She said "quite often, yes".  Then she looked out of the window and something caught her eye.  She then became really distressed and frightened.  I looked, and there was a person hanging from a tree, who looked positively dead.  We ran outside, and lifted the person down.  It was a man, and although he had looked dead he actually had lots of colour to his face, and looked quite healthy.  Then another woman appeared, a lot older than the one I had been with in the house - possibly in her late 50s.  She was fully dressed, and wearing a long winter coat, but her face was ghostly white, her eyes were dark and her mouth looked as if it had been bleeding.  She got very angry with us for helping the hanging man, and I answered something back and she began to walk away. 

Then I woke up.

At first I thought "yes another dream.  So what?  Let's go back to sleep".  But I actually couldn't get back to sleep for some time.  The strange thing was that the house I had been in, although set out and decorated differently, was my aunt's house in the UK, and the grass we had put the man on to was a grass patch outside her house.  When it dawned on me that I knew the house, it actually made it worse, and the only reason I got back to sleep was because I was really tired...

It was a strange dream, and even now, a few days on, quite clear in my mind!


A painting by Randall Spangler

I thought the comm members might enjoy this:

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(Source: data4.gallery.ru/albums/gallery/5657-fd706-33885475-.jpg; found via levkonoe )