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Snatched from my good friend [info]med_cat

"Glam The Shepherd" from The Grettis Saga

I have been a member of this community for a little while now, and i fully enjoy reading the ghostly stories.  I became quite interested in the Medieval Ghost Stories passages by the community maintainer, and after recently seeing the book in a shop here, I decided to purchase it.  I came across a story which is retold in the book, but which I already knew.  It's one of those stories that really marks your memory once you have read it, and I would like to share it with you:

The story I shall "recount" is from Chapter 32 of The Grettis Saga.  The Saga was written in the 14th century and recounts the deeds of the outlaw Grettir Asmundsson, whom is thought to have lived in Iceland during the early 11th century.  It tells of Asmundsson's travels to Norway and of his encounters with numerous "people", both living and dead, and gives an insight into the beliefs of Scandinavian After-Life.  One of the main points of the Saga a fight between Grettir and the ghost of Glam the Shepherd, whose disturbing night-time hauntings have frightened the life out of the people.  Below is the tale of these same hauntings, and how they came to be:

(The hauntings of ) "Glam The Shepherd"Collapse )

Saw this and thought it might suit this comm! The cover is from marinni 's marvelous LJ; the post is here: marinni.livejournal.com/699292.html