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Tales of the Unknown

Mysteries, legends, riddles and stories of fantasy and the paranormal

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Mysteries, legends, riddles, tales of mythical lands, beings and the Paranormal.
Whether it be fairies and elves, or ghosts and UFOs, it seems we constantly wonder whether the unknown exists, or existed in the past. Tales of giants who once roamed, dragons who once flew in the skies, and unknown beings from other planets who landed here centuries ago, have long been present in our literature. If this kind of thing interests you, feel free to discuss it here.

You can talk about books, stories, anything you like, so long as it concerns the unknown and the "paranormal". You can even post pictures if you like.

The only rules really are to be polite to other members and to remain on topic

MAINTAINER: esprit_infuse
MODERATORS: esprit_infuse and fivespice

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